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Short White Coat

Short White Coat was a blog at The Boston Globe about learning to be a doctor.

Blog Posts:

Leaving against medical advice calls for an honest conversation 2.27.14

In the New Year, a new mom in medicine 1.7.14

Doctors crowdsourcing primary care 12.10.13

The next surgeon general? 11.15.13

Paging the senior resident 10.4.13

"Expecting Better" from your doctors during pregnancy 9.20.13

Postcard from Las Vegas: The Iora Health model of primary care 9.5.13

Your hospitalization, your story 8.14.13

The art of self-rationing drugs 7.31.13

More prescriptions more problems 7.23.13

Sharing difficult decisions 7.9.13

Cats on a plane, revisited 6.21.13

Is there a doctor on the plane? 5.31.13

Computers vs patients: A day in the life of a modern intern 5.21.13

On hospital charges and doctors' decisions 5.10.13

On cabdrivers and patient empowerment 5.2.13

A week after the Boston bombings, a chance to reflect 4.22.13

Chronic care at Walgreens? Why (not)? 4.10.13

Revisiting non-urgent emergency department visits 3.29.13

Tethered to a pole: the challenge of end of life decisions 3.22.13

US patients can choose better 3.11.13

The bitter pill, chewable for doctors 2.28.13

Over-testing on the medical boards 2.19.13

A doctor's condolences 2.7.13

Quit (smoking) while you're ahead 1.25.12

Did your doctor get a flu shot? 1.15.13

Christmas in the hospital 12.27.12

Zen and the art of harm reduction 12.17.12

The power of a nap 12.6.12

Residency and the hidden curriculum 11.26.12

Younger doctor, bigger spender? 11.14.12

Stuck in the Emergency Room 11.1.12

Stuck on loop: Why do patients have to repeat their stories? 10.19.12

Patients and doctors benefit from shared notes 10.9.12

Wheat from chaff: Making sense of the electronic health record 9.10.12

Electronic health records in the classroom? 8.20.12

Who are the costliest patients? 8.2.12

Disagreeing with your doctor: It's harder than it seems 7.17.12

The Affordable Care Act and me 7.2.12

How do you choose a doctor? 6.22.12

Prostate cancer screening: too early to say goodbye 5.30.12

To resuscitate or not to resuscitate: is that the right question? 5.21.12

Death in the ICU 5.4.12

Heartburn or Heart Attack? 4.20.12

Rethinking Readmissions 4.3.12

The Managers We'll Be 3.21.12

When HIV privacy goes too far 3.9.12

The Medical Assistants 2.29.12

The Health Coach 2.22.12

The Registered Nurse 2.13.12

The Nurse Practitioner 2.2.12

Team players 1.6.12

Community health and the ACO 12.29.11

Daughter or Doctor? 12.23.11

Where are all the doctors? 12.9.11

Measuring quality, and dance moves 11.30.11

Doctors learn to share 11.18.11

What Dwight Schrute can teach us about patient safety 11.8.11

Walking a mile: Why doctors should learn to feel your pain 11.2.11

Perverse incentives in residency training 10.21.11

Making health care more productive 10.14.11

Extreme couponing for medical residents? 10.1.11

The Patient Safety Report 9.19.11

Van Gogh on the Wards 9.12.11

Habits 9.2.11

Still wearing the short white coat 9.2.11

As residency training begins, there's comfort in protocol 7.1.11

Why we need part-time, and women, doctors 6.20.11

An ounce of prevention against bullying doctors 5.10.11

Social media for the medical trainee 4.21.11

What patients hear 4.12.11

Harvard’s Match Day stats bear out national trends – in a good way 3.28.11

Matched! 3.18.11

Better health care, from above and below 2.3.11

Parting thoughts on Guatemala 1.6.11

Health Lit 101, in Spanish 11.1.10

A tale of two residency application systems 10.22.10

On colds and car-seats in rural Guatemala 10.15.10

Restricted by duty hours? 10.1.10

Tortillas and Rural Medicine 9.21.10

Boston Med — all too real 8.12.10

The Personal Statement 8.6.10

Pre-pre-meds and the primary care problem 6.18.10

Yes we can (eventually?) 6.1.10

Primary care gets a second look at Harvard Med 5.14.10

Testing 1, 2, 3 5.11.10

Feedback that is more than noise 3.9.10

Learning the business of quality health care 2.26.10

A medical student in Haiti 2.23.10

What’s your emergency? 1.4.10

Exam envy? 12.16.09

Our first order of business: primary care 12.11.09

Hablas espanol? For future doctors it’s a critical, but endangered, skill 10.20.09

Island Medicine 8.24.09

A reality check 6.19.09

Next Step 5.26.09

In or Out? 5.1.09

The evidence-based physical exam 4.13.09

Well-meaning within our means 4.3.09

Cancer screening and common sense 3.26.09

Loan forgiveness — is it enough to lure more into primary care? 3.19.09

See one, do one: Learning to deliver bad news 3.18.09

Full court press 2.27.09

Why shouldn’t Mr. B have a pickle and chips? 2.26.09

After 10 months in the hospital, burnout 2.17.09

Plastic babies and their (somewhat) real parents —handle both with care 2.4.09

The crystal ball and other tricks to wow your patients 1.23.09

Female circumcision persists amid lack of knowledge 1.20.09

Fewer surgical complications? Check. And sign us up 1.14.09

Opening communication among health professions 1.12.09

Medical journalist turned surgeon general? 1.6.09

Managing expectations for the expecting 12.3.08

Pictures alone don’t tell a patient’s story 10.29.08

Just a headache? 10.2.08

Ultimately, it’s all in your head 9.25.08

The way you make me feel 8.22.08

First, do nothing 8.5.08

Take pains to treat them 7.1.08

Another Learning Channel 6.6.08

Doctoring by number 5.21.08

Dr. Manners 5.7.08

The first step 4.18.08

Delivering the bad news 3.14.08

A silver lining in medical training 3.5.08

A doctor talks about his ‘initiation’ 2.12.08

Obama’s man on campus talks healthcare 2.4.08

Practicing medicine in other worlds 1.31.08

Playing ‘Follow the Doctor’ 1.24.08

Beyond the basics 1.18.08

Judah Folkman, the teacher 1.16.08

New Hampshire fresh air and democracy 1.9.08

Teaching inside the box 1.3.08

Something’s gotta give 12.6.07

The envelope, please 12.10.07

Working weekends 11.29.07

All I really need to know I learned in medical school 11.16.07

Decisions Decisions 11.1.07

Brain at rest 10.24.07

Needle-stick debrief 10.18.07

I’ll have what she’s having (in her bloodstream) 10.12.07

A Jell-O mold of the brain 10.10.07

Race for the Snacks 10.4.07

Learning my ‘doctoring style’ 9.27.07

We learned that for a reason? 9.14.07

Signing out for the summer 6.13.07

I’m concerned about you 5.24.07

Society Olympics part 2 5.15.07

Let the games begin 5.9.07

Bugs on the brain 5.7.07

Medical School-house Rock 4.30.07

What students can do 4.20.07

What I didn’t learn in high school biology 4.16.07

Short White Coat 4.11.07

Short White Coat 4.10.07

Short White Coat 4.10.07

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